“My rule is always, People first and things second.”                                            — LEO BUSCAGLIA

Courses of Study from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization

Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization – May 2015

1.     Basic Chronic Disorganization

2.     Boundaries and Ethics

3.     Basic Safety: Personal Safety Issues with CD Clients

4.     Communication Techniques to Ease Organization Discord Between Partners

5.     Transitions vs. Changes

6.     Digging Too Deep: How to Avoid Becoming your Client’s Amateur Therapist

Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of the Aging CD Client – November 2017

1.     Downsizing the Homes of Seniors with Too Much Stuff: Tips and Strategies for What Works Best

2.     The Aging Brain; New Trends in Thinking

3.     Helping Chronically Disorganized Seniors Downsize; Readying the Home for Sale

4.     Depression in the Elderly

5.     Working with Seniors Who Hoard

6.     Advanced Issues in Working with the Aged: Organizing with Grace and Dignity


Certificate of Study Time Management and Productivity – January 2018

1.     Time Management and Productivity

2.     Finding the Right Time Management System for your CD Client

3.     Productivity 2.0-Getting Things Done with ADHD

4.     The Six Pillars of Time Management

5.     Time Management of Unmanageable People

6.     Why Don’t We Just Do It? Research that Solves the Procrastination Puzzle

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